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Graduate Students

Islam Beltagy (Computer Science) Natural language semantics and probabilistic logic. webpage

Yinon Bentor (Computer Science) Textual inference and statistical relational learning. webpage

Christopher Brown (Linguistics) Computational Linguistics, Semantics, Pragmatics. webpage

Joey Frazee (Linguistics) Computational Linguistics, Discourse and Coreference, Mathematical Linguistics, Semantics webpage

Dan Garrette (Computer Science) Parsing, Low-Resource Languages. webpage

Leif Johnson (Computer Science) Relationship between motor planning and language use. Dependency parsing. webpage

Igor Karpov (Computer Science) Grounded language for autonomous agents, natural language advice, natural language generation, machine learning, simulated environments and games. webpage 

Jason Mielens (Linguistics) Computational Linguistics, Morphology, Low-Resource Languages webpage

Karl Pichotta (Computer Science) Statistical Script Learning, Computational Semantics. webpage

Stephen Roller (Computer Science) Computational lexical semantics, Distributional models. webpage

Jacqueline Serigos (Hispanic Linguistics) Corpus linguistics, language contact, computational methods for processing bilingual corpora, distributional models.

Ben Wing (Linguistics) Computational linguistics, geolocation.

Undergraduate students

Travis Nguyen (Electrical and Computer Engineering, Linguistics) Natural language processing, information theory, digital signal processing.

Emily Tagtow (Linguistics) Computational Linguistics, Syntax, Translation.

Jeane Wenzel (Linguistics) Computational Linguistics.