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Natural Language Learning

We explore and discuss papers in the area of natural language acquisition and learning.This cross-department group meets every two weeks. To get the announcements, join the NLL Google group.

Computational Linguistics Tea

We discuss current research by computational linguistics students and faculty here at UT. This group meets every two weeks, often alternating with NLL. To get the announcements, let Katrin know you would like to join.

Forum for Artificial Intelligence

The Forum for Artificial Intelligence meets every other week (or so) to discuss scientific, philosophical, and cultural issues in artificial intelligence. Both technical research topics and broader inter-disciplinary aspects of AI are covered, and all are welcome to attend!

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UT Machine Learning Research Group

Machine learning is the study of adaptive computational systems that improve their performance with experience. The UT Machine Learning Research Group focuses on applying both empirical and knowledge-based learning techniques to natural language processing, text mining, bioinformatics, recommender systems, inductive logic programming, knowledge and theory refinement, planning, and intelligent tutoring.

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Foundations of Semantic Spaces (FLOSS) 

FLOSS is a cross-continental discussion group on distributional models that meets approximately once a month via video conference. We usually discuss foundational and theoretical papers connected to distributional models. If you would like to join, let Katrin know.

Linguistics Research Center

The Linguistics Research Center (LRC) at the University of Texas was founded in 1961. The Center is an organized research unit in the College of Liberal Arts. The LRC was founded and is directed by Dr. Winfred P. Lehmann.

Since its founding, virtually all projects at the LRC have involved processing human language with the aid of computers. The principal activities of the Center at present focus on Indo-European languages and comprise historical study, lexicography, and bibliography; staff members engage in several independent but often complementary projects in these fields using a variety of computer software.

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The Archive of the Indigenous Languages of America

AILLA is a digital archive of recordings and texts in and about the indigenous languages of Latin America. Access to archive resources is free of charge. Most of the resources in the AILLA database are available to the public.

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