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OpenCCG Grammar Writing

Grammar writing with OpenCCG

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This page is all about grammar writing using OpenCCG. For a repository of grammars written using the ccg-format, visit the CCG cookbook on Sourceforge.

On this page you will find information about status of grammars being written with OpenCCG, a step-by-step tutorial for writing a small grammar, and (eventually) a more extensive grammar-writer's guide. The CCG GUI tutorial is here, and advanced topics in using the GUI for grammar writing are covered here.

Status of grammars

Under construction
  • Ojibwe lexemic grammar, AP
  • Arabic grammar (focus on nominal morphology), BW
  • Levantine Arabic morphemic grammar (focus on negative concord phenomena, word order and pro-drop), FH
  • Spanish morphemic grammar (focus on clitic-climbing, verb morphology), FH
  • Dutch?
  • Turkish?
  • Ojibwe morphemic?
  • others?
  • tiny (English), BW (in the CCG Cookbook this has been renamed 'sample')
  • tinytiny (English), BW (in the CCG Cookbook this has been renamed 'minisamp')
Grammars in the wiki.

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Guide to grammar writing using OpenCCG

This user's manual is designed as a gentle guide to grammar writing with OpenCCG. It is a work in progress. Brand new users of OpenCCG might find it helpful to go through the WebCCG tutorial. WebCCG is a simplified interface to OpenCCG, introducing many of the basic concepts needed to write an OpenCCG grammar. To get familiar with the editor, check out the CCG GUI tutorial.

The manual begins with a guide to downloading, installing, and using OpenCCG. We then cover grammar writing in CCG (rather different from writing phrase-structure grammars, for example), grammar implementation using the ccg-format, and the basics of semantics in OpenCCG. Get in touch with Jason, Alexis, or Sudipta if you have problems running the software or have questions about implementing your grammar.
Getting started
  • system requirements
  • downloading and installing OpenCCG
  • architecture/file structure of the grammar
  • how and where to get more information
Grammar writing in CCG
  • core phenomena to consider
  • CCG: categories and slash modalities
  • CCG: lexicon
  • CCG: features
  • CCG: rules and derivations
  • CCG: semantics
[a lot of this stuff can wait — part of the idea is to have a section for people who aren't familiar with CCG and what a CCG analysis looks like ... amp]
The CCG editor
For a detailed tutorial on using the CCG editor, check out the CCG GUI tutorial.
Grammar implementation in OpenCCG
  • the ccg-format
  • lexical families & categories
  • words & morphology
  • using expansions to reduce redundancy
  • feature specification & unification
  • rules
Semantics and logical forms
  • hybrid logic dependency semantics
  • syntax & semantics interface
  • dependency relations
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